Training Program

Activation Instructions

Ara Safety Pro is now shipping, complete with an all-new, made-in-the-USA activator. For instructions on how to use the activator: watch the activation instruction video.

Training Video

The Ara Safety Pro training program is delivered in 8 parts. You may complete the sections one at a time, or in sequence. The whole program will only take about ten minutes.

Watch the training video

Operating Manual

A copy of the training manual should be provided to all responders likely to be on scene during a deployment and should be kept on vehicles in the case with the device.

Certified Quiz

When you have completed the training program, including watching all 8 chapters in the video and reading the Operating Manual, please take a few moments to take the Certified quiz.

Complete the Certified Quiz

This short quiz will only take a minute or two, and will ensure you know the basics of Ara Safety Pro deployment. When you have successfully completed the quiz, we will send you a certificate acknowledging your completion of the program.