Safety Considerations

Before using the Ara Safety Pro, ensure you are familiar with the operational guidelines and have read and understood the training manual and completed the training program.
Ara Safety has identified certain conditions during which a the device should not be deployed (this list is not exhaustive). To ensure the safety of you and your crew, it is important that you understand situations in which the use of the Ara Safety Pro is not recommended.

Safety Considerations for Ara Safety Pro Deployment:

  • Cap or turn off the gas at source prior to attacking the fire with the Ara Pro. Deployment of the device in a pressurized gas environment may result in the temporary extinguishment of flame, followed by the accumulation of gas, creating an explosion hazard.
  • Hot air rising from the fire will carry away the aerosol powder before it can interrupt combustion. In general, only deploy the device in an enclosed space.
  • If the fire has already broken out through windows or has penetrated the roof and is self-ventilating, powder containment is probably impractical. Only deploy an Ara Pro in a situation such as this to support victim recovery.
  • If the fire is larger than class 10B, do not deploy the device directly into the pool of burning fuel. The aerosol flow may spread flaming liquid outside of the radius of the aerosol’s effectiveness. If the fire is inside a contained space, deploy the device next to the burning pool and the aerosol will continue to smother the flames.
  • Deploying an Ara Pro while sprinklers are operating will negate the effectiveness of the aerosol – the water spray will wash the aerosol out of the air.