Operational Scenarios

The following guidelines apply to any Class A, B or C fire within an enclosed space and are intended for trained first responders only.

Ara Safety Pro may be deployed when:

  • The fire is still contained within a structure and you want to attack the fire prior to water being available for any reason. Use the Ara Pro to knockdown the fire and buy you time until water becomes available. Note: try to close off the fire area to contain the powder.
  • The fire is in an incipient stage within an enclosed structure, and you want to knock the fire down from a safe distance prior to your initial attack and overhaul with water. This will help preserve the cause of the fire for subsequent investigation.
  • The fire is at any stage and an interior attack is required. One or more Ara Pros can be used to knock down flames and heat prior to entering the enclosed space, helping to prevent flashover and making the attack much safer. Note: try to close off the fire area to contain the powder.
  • The fire is progressed and nearby buildings are threatened. Using the Ara Pro may knockdown the flames and help prevent flashover, allowing the fire to be extinguished more safely and delaying spread to neighboring buildings. Note: try to close off the fire area to contain the powder.
  • The fire is at any stage and you suspect victims are trapped inside the structure but are unable to conduct an occupant search. Deploy the Ara Pro as far away from victims as possible, and be aware that the aerosol flow may disrupt the thermal layers, causing hotter air to move towards the floor momentarily. Separate victims from the aerosol as quickly as possible and follow the powder exposure instructions in the Ara Pro manual.

General Guidelines:

  • Use the Ara Pro prior to putting water on the fire. The aerosol powder will reduce heat and lower flames, making a steam burn less likely.
  • Deploy the Ara Pro as close as possible to the source of the flame. This will deliver the powder to the seat of the fire as quickly as possible.
  • Deploy at the lowest point possible. Rising hot air will carry the powder upwards and away from the fire. Try to position the Ara Pro so that air flows draw the powder into the flames if possible.