Ara Safety Pro Knocks Down Flames and Buys Time

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

February 23, 2012-

First to arrive on scene of a house fire in White Bear Lake, Fire Inspector Mike Turnbull and another fire official from the White Bear Lake Fire Department were happy to have had the Ara Safety Pro with them.

With crews still en route, Mike Turnbull deployed one of two Ara Pro units into the home’s burning second story bedroom. “We feel that the fire was actually knocked down by these two devices for probably about five to five and a half minutes”, said Turnbull.

Firefighters arrived on scene just as the fire was starting again. The Ara Pro units kept the fire small enough that firefighters could attack from inside the house and the fire was quickly put out with small amounts of water.

Turnbull recovered one of the deployed Ara Pro units from the fire. “I kind of feel like this might make the trophy case at the fire department” he smiled.