Amazing Knock Down of Extremely Hot Fire

Watch this amazing footage of Ara’s device from beginning to end. The first fire is a relatively contained fire in a living room. Ara’s device knocks it down quickly and a few gallons of water put it out. The second fire is a raging bedroom fire – so hot the window blows out. Ara’s device knocks this fire down for good. PLAY
Video is courtesy of Commercial Solutions Inc.

Ara’s condensed aerosol technology: Reducing Loss

Ara’s device has already reduced insurance loss claims by millions of dollars. Watch this video to see how dramatic fire loss is and how Ara’s condensed aerosol technology can change it. PLAY

High River Fire Department Testimonial

The High River fire department used Ara’s device to contain a fire and evidence of arson in a multiple unit dwelling, within days of receiving their device. PLAY

Chief John DiCola Testimonial

Chief DiCola deployed two of Ara’s devices in two fires within two weeks. The fires were very different, and the device performed well in both situations. Chief DiCola talks about the technology as a tool for his department. PLAY

Ara Safety’s Device Knocks Down Three Room House Fire

In this dramatic footage, three fires were set in a house and the fire was allowed to progress to the point flames were pouring out the soffits. Ara’s device knocked the fire down completely for 13 full minutes. The fire was allowed to re-ignite. Residual powder in the structure was drawn back into the fire from the attic, knocking the fire down for another 12 minutes. PLAY

Ara’s Condensed Aerosol Technology Knocks Down Diesel Fire

Ara’s condensed aerosol technology is extremely effective against Class B (diesel, gasoline, oil product, etc..) fires in contained spaces. In this video, Justice Institute of BC trainers ignited 60 liters of diesel in a mock large vessel engine room. Ara’s device extinguished the fire in less than 20 seconds. The remaining diesel was re-ignited. The remaining aerosol from the device extinguished the fire again. PLAY