I’ve been in the fire service for 21 years and have never seen a fire of that size, with that amount of flame, go out in such short period of time. In less than ten minutes it was completely extinguished. I believe without a doubt that [Ara's device] helped in the initial attack.

Dean Cioppa
Fire Chief, Pompton Lakes Fire Department, New Jersey

As soon as we popped [Ara's device] in there, we saw the aerosol fill the room and the visible flames ceased. In this situation I would estimate the [device] bought our department an additional 4-8 minutes, enough for three supporting area fire trucks to arrive with water. [Ara's technology] has proven to be a very effective tool in our arsenal against the enemy. After two successful real-life applications, we’re sold on the technology.

John DiCola
Fire Chief, Neshannock Fire Department, Pennsylvania

We were amazed with [Ara's fire knock down tool]. It responded exactly as we were told it would and performed spectacularly. The temperature inside the structure was decreased from an estimated 900-1000 degrees down to 300-400 degrees within seconds of the deployment. … The [device] knocked down and contained the fire within seconds, saving the building and decreasing other fire or water damages that would have occurred had this device not been available.

Trevor Allan
Deputy Fire Chief, High River Volunteer Fire Department, Alberta

As the first to respond, I had limited resources and time to extinguish the fire; [Ara's device] knocked down the fire, prevented its spread, and bought five minutes until 32 volunteers from my department arrived at the scene. Without [Ara's device], we would have required at least three more hours to fully extinguish the fire. The [device] saved the home and made interior attack safe.

William Rowland
First Assistant Fire Chief, Shelter Island Fire Department, New York

When fighting fires, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. I believe that [Ara's fire suppression technology] will help first responders on the scene of a fire buy time until our full crew arrives, giving us a better chance to save lives and property.

Mike Wanklan
Passaic County Deputy Fire Coordinator, New Jersey

[Ara's condensed aerosol technology] definitely contributed to fire containment to the kitchen, buying precious time for our initial tact team effort, reducing water/property damage, lowering interior fire fighter deployment risks. [Our Chief’s] quick decision to deploy the [device] into the compromised area contributed greatly to our department’s efforts, successfully preserving the structure, saving family content, and lowering risk to life.

Wil McCutcheon
Public Education, Naramata Fire Department, British Columbia

Whether it’s one minute, two minutes or five, any piece of equipment or tool that allows our firefighters to do their jobs more safely and efficiently is good news for our department and for the communities and lives we’re assigned to protect.

Steve Tinordi
Platoon Chief, Red Deer Fire Department, Alberta

…only a small area of residual fire remained, which they extinguished with approximately 100-200 gallons of water. As a result of the deployment, the fire was contained to the basement area. This was my first experience with the [Ara Pro] and I found it performed beyond my expectations. After the West Milford fire, we purchased 2 additional [devices] which will be placed on our first line engines. [This technology] has definitely changed how I view fighting structure fires.

Andrew Schmidt
Fire Chief, Jefferson Township Fire Company, New Jersey

I am sold on [Ara's technology]. This was not the first [device] I have thrown and I don’t expect it to be my last. In areas where there is limited water, [Ara's device] is a must have. It is an important tool that I do not want to be without.

Rejean Jack
Fire Chief, Gitanmaax Fire District, British Columbia

First Responders on scene have to act fast, so when we got there and realized we had this new tool we thought ‘hey, let’s give this thing a shot’. We’re very impressed with the results and have already ordered a replacement for the one we used this weekend.

David Congini
Fire Captain, Neshannock Fire Department, Pennsylvania

I was immediately interested in equipping our community departments with [Ara's condensed aerosol technology] after I heard how well it worked in West Milford. The device will enhance our current fire fighting tactics, giving our departments a new way to approach fire fighting and ultimately help keep our citizens safe.

Charlie Ebers
President, The Butler Rotary Club, New Jersey

[Ara's condensed aerosol technology] saved the crew from having to enter an extremely dangerous fire. It put it out and lowered the heat. This fire might have resulted in a complete loss if we didn’t have [Ara's device]!

Dave Matteucci
Fire Chief, Merritt, BC

After arson investigators finished their investigation we continued our mop-up in the closet of the fire room and found a 20 pound propane cylinder. It is possible that [Ara's device] saved the lives of our firefighters… An exploding propane cylinder of this size would have caused a loss to the entire building, the adjacent buildings, fire apparatus, and most importantly, human lives.

Joseph J. Kowal Sr.
Fire Chief, Port Jervis, NY

[Ara's condensed aerosol technology] is a great tool for my team. If it can assist us in saving even one home or one life, it’s clearly an enormous asset.

Terry Stauffer
Fire Chief, Westlock Fire Department, Alberta

When I first saw a video of the device working I thought, ‘wow, this could be great for insurance companies.’ We find the majority of damage done to a home is not actually caused by the fire, but the water that puts the fire out. If [Ara's condensed aerosol technology] can reduce the amount of loss and help save the things that we cannot replace, like family photos and heirlooms, there’s a real untold value there.

Gary Lorenz
Cooperators Insurance Agent, GL Agencies

When we arrived, the hydrants were frozen. [Ara's device] knocked the fire down for more than twelve minutes while we waited for a relay truck to arrive. Without [Ara's device], an RV and the two neighboring homes would have suffered significant damage.

Troy Mutch
Professional Fire Fighter, Leduc, Alberta

The fire service mantra is ‘save lives, save property, and extinguish fires’… [Ara's condensed aerosol technology] does all three.

Les Schumacher
Retired Fire Chief (Smithers, BC) and current Vice President of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association.

First responders can buy time to reduce structure damage, preserve life, and minimize injury to fire fighters while we wait for the pumper truck.

Mike Walsh
Past President of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association

I know that a product works when a firefighter shakes my hand and thanks me for supplying it to him. We are excited about saving more lives and properties by equipping more fire departments with [Ara's condensed aerosol technology].

Jonathon VanNorman
FireFighter One